50%. I Roll Like That.

50%. That was the results from the biopsy; 50% Lymphoma.

I will not lie to you, I cried. I had underestimated the degree of NHL left over in me. When I had my last chemotherapy back in July 2011, I figured I was not completely out in the clear–20%, to be exact. This may be the realist in me; not all things are packaged neat and tidy. The part which made me cry the most was knowing I would be weak, tired and even more so, semi-conscious of my surroundings. Not a healthy scratch yet for another season.

The game plan? A few more rounds of chemotherapy (R-ICE) followed by a biopsy to see where I stand (yes, I get to be drilled again!) and then, transplant. I am not exactly sure what type of transplant, but I’m sure we will talk more in details as it comes time.

Once again, a mini-pitchfork road for me to cross.

On that note, I want to thank all those who have been so patient, so kind and above all, willing participants in this journey of ours. Without you, it would be a futile battle. I thank thee from the bottom of my heart.