Monthly Archives: January 2015


Perhaps this is what happens when one starts being reclusive while trying to be present; Less words, more action. My thoughts have consumed me while the moments of Life keeps me a busy body. You cannot TiVo life nor would you want to accidentally get stuck in a perpetual loop.

Simply put, the past quarter has been assimilating back into my role in this family. It’s challenging and above all, Love & Patience boundaries’ are tested. Since the transplant, the elation of ‘being cured’ was replaced by an immense sadness, loneliness, detachment and a suffocating need to ask the Why’s. I felt I was my young & naive self wandering in an artificial world. Those months were the most painful ‘suffering’ I have felt. To mask this alongside the Present was overwhelming.

Alas, fast forward a few months ago, I no longer feel as if I’m amongst the ‘walking dead.’ The flood of emotions can still overwhelm but a sense of calm & strength is seeping in slowly to guide me through. As I have been reminded too many times to count in this lifetime, my well being is no longer neglected.

Lucky for whomever–myself, family, friends, strangers and whatnot–my passion is still on fire. Please, do not be an obstacle on this mission. Thank you kindly in advance. 😛

Peace, Love & Hair Grease. 😉