Monthly Archives: December 2015

Life After Cancer: The Fascination Continues.

Overwhelming silence has kept me from speaking to y’all. My healing has become quite personal. Yet everything I have experienced, it resonates with all of you. Challenges of being Human has become foreign in our lifestyle. We strive to advance, yet our foundation is compromised.

I have no complete thoughts for you, except everything that you see, hear, touch and are experiencing is exactly how I have imagined it. Not in minute details but in the grand scheme of things, it is happening before my eyes. Most of the pain and suffering (aka learning curve) is happening and redemption is near. I know there are others who feel exactly how I do.

With this information at hand, I want to challenge you for the next 26-30 days (Official start date is Dec. 31st) to help uplift Humanity. I have a mantra that I use daily and when I feel ‘troubled.’ It’s as follows:

Light, Light, come to me.
Come to me and Shine through me.

In less than a month of doing this, I have felt an overwhelming sense of peace & calm I have not felt in ages. Put your skepticism on the shelf and do this. Please share and comment to participate.  Your feedback throughout this challenge is much appreciated.

It’s said an individual can make a difference; Let’s make it happen.

Blessed Be, y’all