Monthly Archives: June 2012


This is the first week where I have been feeling almost like myself before cancer. The medications, aches and exhaustion reminds me otherwise.

I will keep this short since I do have drafts of other blog entries to write: I am fine, for now. Trying to play catch up and organizing things before the next chemotherapy, as well, my kids’ birthdays are in the middle of all this. (Disneyland, you better make me happy.) There have been events in the past few weeks I will go into detail as soon as I can. A 1-year old loves to explore and I must tend to that first. As well, rest has become a mandatory requirement for me if I want to “get well.”

Thank you for your patience. I hope all had some wonderful holidays along the way. Who would have thought that summer is already here and how I wish for my 1st grader to have another 2 more weeks of school. Peace out.


Back logged on blog entries. Been busy in and out of hospitals, consciousness and pain. Three weeks of silence makes it only worrisome or dandy as daisies. It was both. Then sudden derailment, but we are going to get through this. As Gloria Gaynor belts out (as all karaokeans sings along), “I will survive!”  [Cue strings section]