The Story of My Life…

I will keep this short. Cancer was a deer in the headlight look. Remission is a head-on collision with a locomotive; Semi-conscious, I’m in the emergency room, waiting for my turn . Leyman terms: My latest biopsy showed up inconclusive. IN-CON-CLU-SIVE. It’s a big fat “I don’t know” in my face. Guess what our next step is? Another biopsy. Yes, I get to do it AGAIN because my bone/marrow won’t give the experts an inkling of data to reassure my unforgiving frame of mind.

I won’t lie. It is rough. I was never a fan of rocky road ice cream, I’m certainly not thrilled with the bumps and bruises we are going through. The biggest hurdle is finding the right help and support you need. I am not saying there is no offer of help and such; it’s been tremendous. However, when you–yourself–have never experienced this before, the offers of help laid before you become indecipherable and confusing.

So now, the next step in the game plan is to do another biopsy. Hopefully from there, we can finally move onto Plan B–what to do when this comes back. In the meantime, we’re still waiting on the current resident to move on out and let my body be.