Recap of Apr/May 2012 week

Sorry, horrible title. I’m not quite imaginative–just yet. This week was a lot of hurry up and wait moments. Blood transfusion happened on Thursday. Chemotherapy on Friday. Living a normal life on Saturday. 3 days of jam-packed, fun-filled, adrenaline rush and hey! can we have anymore adjectives added here!!! (Phew, found the funny bone though.)  Perhaps my thoughts of a cancer patient being completely bed-ridden for days on end is at odds.  But I must say, the body does let you know when rest is a must and the sudden “breakthrough pains” are no fun either. I am taking my pills like a good girl should, though I look forward to the days where there’s less of them. It’s a regiment I do not like doing.

Anyways, a funny thing happened on the way of hair loss. I was shedding beyond the pets in the house. That was up to Wednesday. Shed no more I am come Thursday morning. Video to be posted soon.

Well, time to stuff my face with some protein since that’s been my biggest challenge. Actually, eating in general has been a challenge. Worse than being pregnant. And I unfortunately still crave sushi (a big no no for me right now). Even though I have carte blanche in eating whatever, I find my self eating like Tweety Bird. If you have a suggestion, please, let me know. I haven’t tried too many shakes, so, that’s my fault. 😛