[Lack of] Preparing for Chemo #2

Since this whole thing started, I can hardly remember a day where I felt normal. This week seems to be an even bigger blur than last. Keeping up with eating, hydrating, rest and doing all the normal stuff is even harder than just keeping up with the normal stuff.  The end of this week is when chemo starts up again. Is my body ready for it? Probably not. Mentally ready? I can hardly wait.

Presumably, my blood transfusion should occur before chemo. But with most things in my life, I have little obstacles. You see, I have special blood. They call it antibodies. I have enough to make it a bit more difficult to find; not too hard, just takes a bit more time. While waiting for this, we can see the difference in the way I think (which becomes lacking) and the things I do (more like, I don’t do). Writing this entry is hard. Grammar and logic guides me little and I may ramble on like a grumpy old folk. Not having a full tank of blood can become fascinating.

Hopefully, I get to be topped off today and not wait any longer. I’d like to spend the next couple of days like a functioning citizen, crack a few jokes and jam all the protein I can before the next battle.  Oh, and this hair shedding business…no joke from the doctor when he said, “On Day 16, you [start to] lose your hair.”

I want my blood soon.

2 thoughts on “[Lack of] Preparing for Chemo #2

  1. Martha Walter

    I hope you get it soon, too. Like, now. Interesting about the fuzzy thinking – I had assumed lack of blood would make you physically tired, but hadn’t considered the mental impact. That isn’t normally you so I’m glad they are getting you your blood 🙂

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