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Recap of May-Week #2

Simply put, it was all about pain management and the limits of the week after chemotherapy. One has to resolve in understanding it’s recovery week. I, for one, have no concept of that. Well, children have no concept of that either. This week’s doctor’s visit was the first time I even comprehended what was being said. (I had questions!) I now have to remind myself that these nasty pains I experience days #5-7 are from the Neulesta shots. Yes, I wait almost a week before I am in a bugger of a pain. In addition, I felt like Superwoman on day #2 and continued to carry on my motherly duties days #3-4. w00t! A new lesson in pain management. I was given the choice of continuing these shots or wait longer to administer if my body decides to be lazy. We shall see come next treatment.

With this 2nd treatment, I am hoping to finally find that delicate balance between the unknown and having a darn routine/schedule. As some of you know, I’m a particular person. I work hard to keep our lifestyle. 🙂 It just seems there are still a lot of new that I would like some of my old back. Frustration almost ran rampant here.

I am already looking forward to the next treatment. In some ways, I’m like my doctor–anxious to see what data/results comes out of my body. I know he probably has a thesis/article all planned out for this. His excitement showed a bit more this past appointment. There were good news as well. My platelets have gone completely back to normal. I don’t know how they work exactly, but he informed me the last blood drawn showed numbers exceeding his expectations. 🙂 🙂  Perhaps with the next treatment, I can update you all real time! 😀

By week’s end, I was able to do things like I would. Our house was filled with children’s screams and laughter for an impromptu play date. I had a really great time hanging out with my epic friend and her kids and we sushi binge! I am still here, feeling great tonight after having an incredibly beautiful Mother’s Day given to me by my ever so loving husband and crazy kids. 😛

I am looking [hoping] forward to a productive week. I still owe library dues… >,<

Recap of Apr/May 2012 week

Sorry, horrible title. I’m not quite imaginative–just yet. This week was a lot of hurry up and wait moments. Blood transfusion happened on Thursday. Chemotherapy on Friday. Living a normal life on Saturday. 3 days of jam-packed, fun-filled, adrenaline rush and hey! can we have anymore adjectives added here!!! (Phew, found the funny bone though.)  Perhaps my thoughts of a cancer patient being completely bed-ridden for days on end is at odds.  But I must say, the body does let you know when rest is a must and the sudden “breakthrough pains” are no fun either. I am taking my pills like a good girl should, though I look forward to the days where there’s less of them. It’s a regiment I do not like doing.

Anyways, a funny thing happened on the way of hair loss. I was shedding beyond the pets in the house. That was up to Wednesday. Shed no more I am come Thursday morning. Video to be posted soon.

Well, time to stuff my face with some protein since that’s been my biggest challenge. Actually, eating in general has been a challenge. Worse than being pregnant. And I unfortunately still crave sushi (a big no no for me right now). Even though I have carte blanche in eating whatever, I find my self eating like Tweety Bird. If you have a suggestion, please, let me know. I haven’t tried too many shakes, so, that’s my fault. 😛